Financial Domination

A Cold Hard Cash Connection

You are desperate to serve discreetly aren’t you darling, so desperate to be made of real use by a sensational Superior Female, creating purpose for your life or that little hidden section of it that you are just unable to hide away from. You are craving to be used like a true financial slave and create a real meaningful connection with the Domme of your desires.

Well I adore nothing more than cold hard cash in my powerful palms and delicious discreet deposits in my bank account and that gives me such great satisfaction, putting a boy like you to work is what I live for and all is made possible when you present yourself to Me properly.

Yes I love cash, I may have already mentioned this! And I use many methods to extract back what rightly belongs to Me, be it by courier, cash dispatch, banking and so on, but you will only learn about those additional means in a private discussion with Me.

Now you are probably wondering how, so here’s a simple guide, first of all familiarise yourself with My online tribute options, and have a good look around My website to get an idea of what makes Me tick. Then all you need to do to discuss this delicious prospect with Me in more detail is to simply buy My Skype ID or click here to send Me a polite message.

Is that the sound of your wallet pulsating dear? Good, W/we will speak very soon x



Tributes are not made in exchange for any service or product.
Tributes do not entitle the buyer/sender to webcam/phone sessions or any other service.